How does Digital Transcription Work ?
Digital Dictation can work in the following ways :-
You can record directly into your computer/Laptop via it’s microphone digital dictation program.
You can record into a hand held digital recorder and then download the file to your computer/Laptop.
You e-mail your digital sound files to us DSS/WAV MP3 and we will type it and email it back to you
You can record your voice on a micro or mini cassette recorder
Or, you can send us your documents handwritten and we will type it up and send it to you either by post, fax or email as requested.

We will then download the file, transcribe it and email you the finished document.

We offer a professional and highly confidential transcription service. We transcribe from standard mini and micro cassettes as well as digital files such as Wav and from the common olympus DSS file as required.

Cassettes can be delivered by post or courier. Digital files can be emailed to us.

For further information about the digital formats we accept, please call us to discuss your requirements.

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