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Dissertation Typing, Editing and Proof Reading Service Birmingham-London-Manchester-Coventry-Oxford UK

We specialise in editing and proofreading dissertation, assignment and thesis. We cover all aspects of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, punctuation marks, syntax, consistency and meaning without changing the necessary concepts. Our editors are highly experienced in every academic field. They will help with your dissertation and assignment for style, sentence association, word choice, clarity, conciseness and the quality of work. Our editors will proofread you entire document including title page, table of content, captions, bibliography and references including in-text. Our professional Dissertation Editors avoid all the errors and slip-ups that students use in their work.

Our Professional Dissertation Typing Service is helpful for everyone whether you are a professional academic trying to finish your work with an expert touch up before publication, or you are an undergraduate, Masters or PhD student aiming to achieve the highest ideal standards for your work, our highly qualified Oxbridge editors are here for your help.

Our Dissertation Proof Reading/Editing Services prices start at £20.00 per page


To order our Dissertation writing services just select the amout of pages and the level of services you require,

make payment and send us your dissertation by email.

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Benefits of using outsource Typing Services?
Our Services are 24/7 available when your office staff are not.
Easy access to our services via the internet, email, phone or post
  • Completely flexible digital transcription
  • Pay as you go outsourced typing
  • The best customer service for a fast start to transcribing your digital dictation
  • Competitive rates and transparent pricing
  • Expert fully trained transcribers of digital dictation
  • Specialist legal transcribers
  • We only use your information for typing your documents, once we complete these detials are then delted from our system.

Completely flexible  Use Professional typing services  and benefit from no contract tie-in, no minimum usage, and no no joining fee. Our service is designed for complete flexibility.

Pay as you go billing means you can do as much or as little dictation as you like. Professional Typing Services UK  is ideal for permanent typing and to cover for holidays and sickness. As you pay as you go and our service is completely flexible you can carry on dictating even if your normal typist is off sick and simply send it through to outsource Dictation. Our expert transcribers will type your dictation and return it to you without fuss or bother. You do not need to give us any notice, just send us the digital dictation and we'll do the transcribing.

Our no minimum charges and no contract tie-in. Just use our service when you want it. Ideal for overflow typing, holiday and sickness cover as well as for permanent flexible typing support.

Contact Professional Typing Services UK now and benefit from our pay as you go digital transcription.

The best customer service You will not find better service anywhere. We will give you friendly support and guidance to help get you started without any fuss. You will be given a direct dial telephone number and a direct email address with direct access to an expert. No worries about receptionists and call centres! Our customer service really is proper service. We will take you through the whole process step by step. Our service is really easy to use but we will make sure you are absolutely happy. Our unbeatable customer service comes at no extra charge.

Fully trained and skilled transcribers get your dictation back faster without mistakes. We use experienced professional typists. If you send us repeat work then our transcribers will get used to your voice and dictation style meaning our professional typing service standard will be easily exceeded. For urgent typing ask us about our express service.

Our expert transcribers ensure top quality transcription. right from the start you can expect a quality standard better than you will get from the average temporary typist and for repeat business our typists will match the quality of permanent members of staff.
Specialist legal and medical transcribers Our expert transcribers are very experienced in legal and medical transcription and are familiar with the specialist language used in legal and medical dictation. Professional Typing Services  UK  will type to your layouts and house style. Let us have your templates and our typing will be identical to typing you produce in-house so that returned documents are ready to print off and sign. We can type legal and medical forms. If you can type it then so can Outsource Dictation. There is no additional charge for specialist legal and medical transcribers or for templates and forms.
Our legal digital transcription service is ideal for solving work pressure points such as drafting witness statements, long documents such as leases or long letters.
Attendance notes are easy and using our specialist legal transcribers you and your support team can focus on value added activity while we deal with your legal typing.
Witness statements, SDLT forms, legal forms, leases, wills, documents as well as letters and attendance notes can all be dictated. If you prefer then copy and email existing documents for copy typing.
We are providing quality legal transcription for a number of solicitors in the UK. they are benefiting from our low cost rates and flexible service.

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